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Did you know? Every point increase in emotional intelligence adds $29,000 to an annual salary. What’s your score?

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The Centered Entrepreneur empowers women who are starting or growing their business that find themselves lacking the balance, emotional resilience and the courage to keep pushing their limits. These struggles impact their income, confidence and focus on building the business of their dreams. The Centered Entrepreneur specializes in helping women increase their EQ (Emotional Intelligence); the strongest predictor of success in business.

Through private coaching, an online community, workshops and speaking, women are taught the skills they need to build emotional resilience and are inspired to walk confidently towards a business that creates financial freedom and balance in their lives.

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I'm Val.

Psychotherapist, EQ Expert, Speaker.

As a psychotherapist, I have helped hundreds of women prioritize themselves and overcome emotional pain so that they can live balanced and fulfilling lives. Soon after I embarked on my own entrepreneurial journey and the birth of my daughter, Elliana, I found myself feeling like I didn’t know how to be a mama and I didnt know how to be an entrepreneur. In the pursuit to grow my business and take care of my family, I found myself depleted, disconnected and paralyzed in taking the needed steps to growing the business of my dreams. And let’s be honest- therapists need therapists too!

After taking a year to invest in myself through therapy and coaching, I am making a 6 figure income, I know my emotional  stumbling blocks and I’ve cleared them so I can move fast towards my goals! I am present in my work and with my family and have achieved balance in my everyday . It wasn’t until my own journey through the emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship and the craving for balance in my life that I realized this isn’t just a “me” problem, it’s a problem for high achieving women all across the world- we have the superpower to create and nurture but it often comes at the expense of our emotional health!

This is why I created The Centered Entrepreneur; A company dedicated to the pursuit of helping women improve their emotional intelligence and invest in themselves before they invest in their business.

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“Entrepreneurship is the fastest journey to emotional growth.”  -Val

"Since working together, I have started doing more uncomfortable things to move my business forward. I am continually evolving into the best version of myself. I am reclaiming myself and I’m finding balance in my life (and in my business), which is so freeing!"
Andrea Dahl
LimeLife By Alcone
"Val is great at helping you discover what is holding you back and how to get past the blocks and fears! Working with her has been eye opening and moving my business forward at a much faster pace!”
Sherrie Graham
Founder, Sherriegraham.com
"Learning these skills has translated into a more influential and positive leadership style, deeper professional relationships, more revenue, and better recruitment outcomes for my business! Val’s relatability, casual nature and strong emotional intuition has made it a fantastic journey!"
Rae Allina
Pro MUA and Senior Director LimeLife by Alcone Speaker/Author
"Through the FaceBook membership Community, I have appreciated and needed the challenges Val has put in place to help me overcome what has frozen me from progressing my business. The accountability within the group has been helpful and I love the live zoom trainings. I feel emotionally more mature in charge of my feelings as well as my business!”
Ashley Workman IG
@TheAshleyWorkman Podcast @CoordinatingChaos on ITunes

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I would love to talk with you about your business, the specific challenges you face and how I may be able to support you! Please schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery session.

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